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Water tank suppliers of Bushman’s Slimline, Round, Poly and Colorbond water tanks in Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Penrith areas. Also installation of rainwater tanks in the Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Penrith. Water tank installation can be either directly on the ground or on tank stands. If installed on the ground a concrete slab or a crusher dust base are installed. Both types are approved for the warranty of the water tank. All of Bushman’s rain water tanks come with a 10 Year Warranty.

Water tanks connected to a fire pump and sprinkler system are a excellent way to fight ember attack on houses. Also lot of homes are burnt down down due to ember attack. Ember attack arrives before the radiant heat of the fire front. Therefore, rain water tanks with the appropriate water pump and sprinkler system may help save your home. Also see our Fire Fighting Equipment Page.

Bushman water tanks are available in poly plastic. Their Aqualine Tanks have a food grade plastic coating inside. This therefore, prevents the metal based materials contaminating the water.

We can also arrange for you to have a tank stand or concrete slab for the installation. Therefore, contact us for a free quote on your rain water tank sales and installations in the Blue Mountains and also surrounding areas. FREE DELIVERY


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Water Tanks and Colours Available

Modular Slimline
round- squat-water-tank
Aqualine Tanks


Water Tanks Pricing and Details

All prices are subject to change, include gst, inlet strainer, 90mm overflow outlet, ball valve and free delivery for Blue Mountains – Lithgow – Penrith Areas

 Water Tank Model

 Tank Description

 Prices of Water Tanks

Modular Water Tank

The modular Slimline Rainwater Tank provides the ultimate flexibility for water storage around the home. Also you can link up any number of 1,000L tanks if you want to capture and store larger amounts of water.

1000 L TT210 Modular Slimline: $670.00

Slimline Water Tank

Compact and offering a slightly larger capacity, slimline rainwater tanks have all the benefits of a traditional water tank but allowing for a larger amount of water to be captured. Slimline Available in Litres: 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000

1000 Litre TSL 220 Slimline $880.00

2000 Litre TSL440 Slimline $1170.00

3000 Litre TSL660 Slimline $1290.00

5000 Litre TSL1100 Slimline $2150.00

Tall & Standard Round Tank

The traditional round water tank storage unit is excellent for small spaces around suburban households as it provides reasonable storage capacity with minimum width. Tall Round Available in Litres: 1500, 2400, 2550, 3250, 5000, 10 000, 15 000, 30 000, 46 400.

1500 Litre T350  Round Tank $810.00

2400 Litre TS540 Round Tank $985.00

2550 Litre TT560 Tall Round Tank $900.00

3250 Litre TT650 Tall Round Tank $1050.00

5000 Litre TT1100 Tall Round Tank $1100.00

10 000 Litre TXD2300 Tall Round Tank $1920.00

15 000 Litre T3300 Round Tank $2320.00

30 000 Litre T6500 Round Tank $3960.00

46 400 Litre T10500 Round Tank $6350.00

round- squat-water-tank
Squat Water Tank

The traditional squat rainwater tank allows for a good amount of rain water to be stored in it without taking up too much room. Also Squat Round Available in Litres: 2400, 4200, 5000, 10 000, 22 500, 25 000.

2400 Litre TS540 Squat Tank $985.00

4200 Litre TS910 Squat Tank $1080.00

5000 Litre TXD1200 Squat Tank $1100

10 000 Litre TS2200 Squat Tank $2100.00

22 500 Litre TXD5000 Squat Tank $2850.00

25 000 Litre TS5500 Squat Tank $3170.00

Aqualine Tanks

Aqualine tanks are a galvanised tank with a sturdy polyethylene tank liner. Colorbond colours are available.  Aqua Range of Tanks: 32 000, 44 000, 58 000, 73 000, 90 000, 110 000, 130 000, 152 000, 177 000, 203 000, 230 000 and 260 000

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Various Water Tank Installations Available

Poly Slimline Tank on Concrete Slab Base
Poly Slimline Tank on Crusher Dust Base
Colorbond Tank on Water Tank Stand