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Pull and Electric Start Davey Firefighter – Petrol and Diesel Fire Pumps Available


6.5 Hp Petrol Davey Fire Firefighter Fire Pump Download PDF Specifications
7Hp Diesel Yanmar Davey Firefighter Download PDF Specifications
Remote Electric Start Davey Petrol Download PDF Specifications
19mm or 25mm NSW Rural Fire Service Approved Hose Kits

Fire Pumps for Bush Fire Protection. Davey Fire Pumps are available in petrol, diesel, pull and electric start and now sms remote start. If you live in Sydney you can start your fire pump for roof sprinklers to your holiday house in the Blue Mountains via SMS Mobile Phone. Now is the time to get your property ready for bushfires. Ember attack is one of the causes for burning down homes. Even if you are not directly near the bush where flame and radiant heat can destroy a home, ember attack can occur kilometres from the fire front. Fire pumps connected to a large rainwater tank can help extinguish fire balls and embers that may ignite trees, timber fences, sheds and your home. Also a roof sprinkler system will help reduce the results of an ember attack. See our website also for roof and gutter mounted sprinklers, fire hoses, bushfire fighting foam and fire fighting apparel such as jackets, trousers, goggles, helmets, gloves, boots etc.

 Davey Website for Complete Range of Davey Fire Fighting Pumps



Fire Hose Nozzles

18mm Brass Tail
Bush Fire Nozzle
Turbo Jet
Avenger Nozzle
Fire Wall Front



Fire Hose Fittings – Camlocks – Storz – Brass Connections

Storz Hose Tail
Storz Balnk Cap
Suction Hose Kit
Brass Nut & Tail


Bush Fire Foam and Applicator

bush -fire-fighting-foam
Bush Fire Class A Foam

Fire Brake 3150A is a synthetic bushfire fighting foam agent specially designed for use on bush fires and all class A fires. At an admixture rate of 0,1-1,0%, depending of the use. It has the ability to reduce the surface tension of the water increases the wetting capability of the water substantially. Therefore, it gives a faster and better penetration into the combustible solids such as wood, paper and tyres.

Scotty Bush Fire Foam Applicator

4075-8 Scotty Foam Kit 8gpm The 4075-8 is designed for attachment to a 3/4” forestry hose. For use in situations where there are water limitations. The 8 gallon (36Lts) flow rate permits an economic use of water without sacrificing fire fighting effectiveness. An ideal tool in grassland fire situations.