Bush Fire Sprinklers – Ember Fire Protection

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These sprinklers are completely portable. Place them on your gutter (Single or 2 storey) fence or anywhere the protect your home from the direction the ember attack is coming from. They just connect to your garden tap or fire pump when the town water is turned of

Bush Fire Sprinklers to help reduce Ember Attack on your home. Impact and butterfly Sprinklers can be roof or gutter mounted. But why have a Roof Mounted Sprinkler System? Even if you are not directly near the bush where flame and radiant heat can destroy a home, ember attack can occur kilometres from the fire front. Roof Sprinklers connected to a large rainwater tank and fire pump can help extinguish fire balls and embers that may ignite your home. Gutter mounted butterfly sprinklers can be angled so water is directed both onto the roof and walls. This creates a wall of water helping to protect potential gaps where embers may enter your house and burn it down.


These sprinklers can be used as a portable or fixed unit

Impact Sprinkler The Rainmaker Bush Fire Impact Sprinkler will use your water to efficiently wet down your roof and yard. Using an average of 10 Litres of water per minute @ 100 KPa the Rainmaker Impact has a coverage of 15M diameter and is designed to be attach to a fire fighting pump. Connect up to 6 of these water efficient sprinklers to your pump to drench your home as the fire approaches
Double Arm Sprinkler The Rainmaker Sprinkler is an efficient low-pressure sprinkler that will conserve your water and continue to operate if the water pressure drops. Using 5 Litres per minute @ 100 KPa each Rainmaker Double Arm Sprinkler has a coverage of 10M diameter. The bush fire system is designed to help protect your home if all you have is your garden hose. Low-pressure bushfire sprinklers continue to protect when the water pressure drops.


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