Downpipe Repairs

Downpipe repairs and replacement work in the Blue Mountains. Down pipes left to rust out can cause flooding and building damage. Better Property Services can also replace square or round downpipes in all colorbond colours or zincalume steel. 

Additional Downpipes

Insufficient down pipes on any building will cause problems such as flooding. Therefore, extra pipes can prevent problems. 

Installing Larger Downpipes

Most downpipes are not large enough to cope with heavy rain fall in the Blue Mountains. Larger downpipes and leaf diverters can help. Also having bigger downpipes installed can help prevent flooding.

How to Maintain Downpipes

Also cleaning your downpipes regularly by putting the hose in them will help the downpipes last longer. This will also help prevent flooding your home. Leaves from trees also block downpipes. Also Tree Lopping and trimming your trees will help downpipes last longer. We have a tree trimming and lopping service. Therefore, see our Tree Lopping page to help keep your downpipes clean.

Leaf Diverters

Leaf diverters allow leaves to be washed out of downpipes and also allowing excess water to flow onto the ground. Therefore, this prevents homes flooding. They are easily attached to down pipes and will help downpipes last longer.


Rain heads are like a water catchment. They allow water to back up while the storm water system drains to help prevent flooding in buildings. Rainheads are available in various styles and sizes. They also come in all the colorbond colours, Zincalume and Stainless Steel.

Contact Grant Wheeler your local qualified builder in the Blue Mountains. Grant can give you a free quote for down pipe repair or replacement.  If your gutters need replacing also see our Gutter Replacement Page.