Round, Tall and Squat  Water Tanks – Katoomba – Leura – Blackheath – Mt Victoria – Wentworth Falls

FREE Delivery Blue Mountains – Lithgow – Penrith

Price Includes Stainless Steel Mosquito Proof Inlets and Outlets and 25mm Brass Ball valve with garden hose fitting

Installation available for all tanks


1500L Round
1500 Litre - T350
2400L Squat - TS540
2550 TALL
2550L Tall - TT560
3200L Tall - TT650
4200L Squat - TXD910
5000L Squat - TXD1200

Inlet Height: 1.62m

Diameter: 1.17m

Total Height: 1.62m

Inlet Height: 1.05m

Diameter: 1.77m

Total Height: 1.22m

Inlet Height: 1.51m

Diameter: 1.57m

Total Height: 1.68m

Inlet Height: 1.79m

Diameter: 1.57m

Total Height: 2.00m

Inlet Height: 1.28m

Diameter: 2.15m

Total Height: 1.37m

Inlet Height: 1.78m

Diameter: 2.06m

Total Height: 1.86m

5000 tall
5000L Tall -TT1100
10 000L Squat - TS2200
10 000 tall
10 000L Tall - TXD2300
15 000 Litre - T3300
22 500L - TXD5000
25 000L
25 000L Squat TS5500

Inlet Height: 2.05m

Diameter: 1.85m

Total Height: 2.25m

Inlet Height: 1.48m

Diameter: 3.05m

Total Height: 1.70m

Inlet Height: 2.16m

Diameter: 2.59m

Total Height: 2.31m

Inlet Height: 2.20m

Diameter: 3.05m

Total Height: 2.44m

Inlet Height: 2.21m

Diameter: 3.80m

Total Height: 2.57m

Inlet Height: 2.40m

Diameter: 3.73m

Total Height: 2.55m

30 000L
30 000L - T6500
30 000L
46 400L T10500

Inlet Height: 2.68m

Diameter: 3.92m

Total Height: 2.87m

Inlet Height: 2.95m

Diameter: 4.60m

Total Height: 3.16m


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