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Price Includes Stainless Steel Mosquito Proof Inlets and Outlets and 25mm Brass Ball valve with garden hose fitting

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600 Litre Slimline 

600 Litre- TSL160

Bushmans sleek and compact slimline 660 litre, rainwater tank is perfect for homes that have very limited space in Blue Mountains. The 1420mm short length is ideal to fit between windows and in narrow spaces. It is available in many colours to blend in with your house as you prefer.

Furthermore, these slimline tanks are thin and look neat and tidy while also being able to capture 660 litres of rainwater for your home and garden.

Capturing rainwater will help increase the overall supply of water for your home and garden. This small tank has also been designed with the key goal of allowing those with limited space to be able to control their own water supply. 

Height: 0.92m    Width: 0.71m    Length: 1.42m

1000 Litre Modular

1000 Litre Modular - TT210

Thanks to its modular design, this small 1000 litre Tank provides the ultimate flexibility . This model can be installed as a single tank in a confined space, or you can link up any number of 1,000L tanks if you want to capture and store larger amounts of water.

You can also ‘grow’ your catchment capacity if more space becomes available – simply by adding more of these small tanks. With the Bushmans Slimline Rainwater Tank, the sky’s the limit when it comes to domestic water storage.

Height: 2.07m    Width: 0.81m

1000 Litre Slimline

1000 Litre - TSL230

This 1000L is compact and offering a slightly larger capacity. Furthermore it has all the benefits of the thin slimline range while also allowing for a larger amount of water to be captured.

This thin tank is ideal for mountains homes which might have limited space. Whether you live at Katoomba, Leura, Medlow Bath, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Wentworth Falls it will be perfect.

If you are considering a water tank for your home & garden but feel overwhelmed by all of the information, please contact us. We can determine what the most suitable tank would be for you.

Height: 1.62m    Width: 0.62m    Length: 1.48m

2000 Litre Slimline

2000 litre - TSL440

Are you trying to find the perfect small tank for your garden at Winmalee or Springwood but feel that you are a bit limited with space? Look no further, the 2,000 litre slimline tank is the one to have.

Bushmans have designed this larger slimline tank with mountain home owners in mind. Creating this modern, sleek and slim water tank, Bushmans have reinvented the wheel.

Gone are the days where you could only store water if you had a big area to place a large, round water tank. These thin slimlines will fit in narrow places. They are also made from the toughest SunTough material, which has been tested to survive even the harshest Australian climate.

This tank will fit perfectly under windows, down the narrow sides of houses. Although they don’t take up much space, they can capture and store up to 2,000 litres of rainwater. This therefore, can then be used throughout your home and garden.

Height: 2.15m    Width: 0.70m    Length: 2.21m

3000 Litre Slimline

3000 Litre - TSL660

Another slimline rainwater tank. This 3,000L tank is perfectly suited for mountain homes at Mt Victoria, Lithgow or anywhere with limited space.

It allows for 3,000L of water storage without taking up too much room. The slimline range has been specifically designed for those who would like to save on space. The type of rainwater tank you choose will depend on the amount of space you have available and the height of the building that the rainwater is to be caught from.

Better Property Services expert advice is that if space is limited, the best tank for rainwater is a slimline tank. 

Height: 2.15m    Width: 0.81m    Length: 2.48m

5000 litre Slimline

5000 Litre - TSL1100

This 5000L slimline rainwater tank is a large volume tank ideal for residential houses where the space for a tank is restricted.

This is the largest tank in the slimline rainwater tank collection. It is designed to fit under roof eaves whilst fitting into areas with limited space. The efficient design coupled with Bushmans Sunsmart® raw material provides maximum strength and longer life.

Better Property Services can help you choose the right tank especially if space is constrained. Slimline tanks are often located alongside the house or beside a garage or carport. If you are on a larger block such at Lithgow, Hartley or Wentworth Falls the most economical water tank is a round tank which are also very simple and easy to install.

Height: 2.10m    Width: 1.06m   Length: 3.34m


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